Web Technologies - Overview

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Acuma's approach towards Web Development is that of 'driving business value' rather than 'Specifications to code'. Besides, we understand that each business is unique and treat each application development requirement as such. We have extensive knowledge in building innovative custom applications from concept to completion.

Web development Acuma's technical expertise is nurtured through a dedicated Center of Excellence on Web technologies that has multiple R&D labs, provides support to various projects and inculcates Thought Leadership in a chosen area and leads to sharing of best practices.

Acuma has an extensive practice in various J2EE technologies, MVC1 architecture, Service Oriented Architecture, Business Process Manager (BPM Suite) and Rule Engines like Corticon. Other areas of expertise include developing Web applications, Web Services, Client - Server applications, Rich clients & Smart clients using various technologies like C#, VB.Net, ASP. Net, SQL Server and reporting services, SharePoint services and portals. Acuma also has experience in migrating VB/MS Access/ASP application to Microsoft .Net platform.

Areas of Expertise

  • Expertise in Open source technologies which consist of
    • Open Source Consulting services
    • Development on Open source technologies
    • App server, OS, and platform migration to Open source
    • Testing using open source tools
    • Open source R&D and Test Lab services on Demand
    • VB.NET
    • ColdFusion
  • Portal Development using Microsoft and Java technologies
  • Cloud Computing

Acuma is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner and gets early access to Microsoft platforms, tools and technologies enabling us to deliver products using the latest techniques.