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Case Study - Public Sector

Risk Profiling using WebIntelligence® from

Acuma designed, developed and co-delivered a training programme to enable more than 250 staff across the country to perform risk profiling using WebIntelligence® from BusinessObjects®. The training focussed on the business process as well as technology. It included a number of realistic business scenarios to help delegates understand how to put their course learning into practice. All delegates initially attended a basic introductory course, 100+ delegates progressed on to attend more advanced courses. Through a train-the-trainer process we have assisted their trainers in gaining confidence for delivering both basic and advanced courses. Feedback indicated the business has benefited from much improved profiling.

Case Study - Finance

Building the MI community

Acuma designed, developed and delivered a training programme to enable 200 staff in two main locations to report on credit risk information using BusinessObjects®. The standard 2-day training course was tailored to use the project data from the live system focusing on the most appropriate learning modules. A key requested objective was to encourage sharing of learning and knowledge amongst the user base to help them feel part of the “Management Information Community”, for this the training included a team-building session specifically designed to focus on this aspect.

Case Study - Life Sciences

Project Management Reporting using BusinessObjects®

Acuma designed, developed and delivered a training programme to enable staff to report on project management information using BusinessObjects®. The standard 2-day training course was adapted to use the project data from the live system to focus on the most appropriate modules of learning. A specific session focussed on the information available and how best to use it in practice. Through hosting course information on a central server, the course was delivered across five locations in two countries. Since the initial delivery, the course has been repeatedly delivered.

Client reference 1

Business Problem
A major Bank had a number of business analysts requiring training in the use of BusinessObjects, in order to create reports for other users, some of whom would view them using WebIntelligence. The background of the analysts including some prior experience with BusinessObjects and other analytical tools suggested they would prefer a faster pace than is usual for end user Training, and that they would have some advanced questions such as about the overall architecture of the toolset. The analysts came from different business departments so they had a variety of data requirements.

Acuma Solution
A tailored delivery was chosen to match the needs of the analysts, a three-day private training event encompassing a selection of course modules chosen from the end-user courses in BusinessObjects and WebIntelligence. As the analysts were expected to learn quickly, more modules were selected than is usual for the three days, with those modules from the advanced Report Creation workshop being prioritised so the course instructor could include the most important ones if time allowed. Due to there being no common data requirements, a standard generic training database was used,


but the analysts were encouraged to think about how to apply the course theory to their own areas, and the delivery style was flexible to allow time for interaction and to answer the large number of questions arising.
Customer quote

“Following the three days I have had nothing but positive feedback from all the delegates. Everyone feels they have gained a lot despite coming to the course with different levels of previous exposure and experience of BusinessObjects. We appreciate that it may be difficult to teach such a diversified group, however, this was managed to our greatest satisfaction.”

Client reference 2

Business Problem
A major Finance organisation was implementing BusinessObjects as part of a planned project development and roll-out, and 30 end users required training in use of the tool, use of predefined reports and the working environment, and use of the local universe for creating ad hoc reports. The project timescales meant that training in the tool was needed for two distinct phases of the project, one of which was before the universe design had been completed.
Acuma Solution
A standard delivery was chosen due to the timescale issues and the lack of availability of the final universe. A two-day private training event was delivered encompassing the standard two-days of end-user courses in BusinessObjects. This was repeated three times for 10 users at a time. This enabled the users to gain skills necessary to support the earlier phase of the project. When the universe was near to being completed, an Acuma Training consultant worked closely with the organisation to provide advice on the universe design, and to develop a further skills transfer workshop day to enable each set of users to gain familiarity with the universe and working environment. This was entitled “Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Universe”.

Client reference 3

Business Problem
A major Insurance Society had a number of marketing analysts who wanted to use BusinessObjects for complex ad hoc queries to identify target groups for marketing campaigns. All but two had previously attended two days of standard BusinessObjects end user training, approximately a year ago, and had been using the tool intermittently since. The other two had seen the tool and used similar tools before. Training was necessary to enable this group of analysts to make best use of the tool to set up their campaigns.

Acuma Solution
A tailored integrated delivery was chosen, to match the needs of the analysts, with a one -day private training event encompassing a selection of course modules chosen from the end-user courses in BusinessObjects. Some topics chosen were refresher training for the majority, and aimed at bringing the two new users up to speed. Most topics chosen were based around querying, including complex queries from the Advanced Report creation course. The training was customised to include workshop exercises on the company’s own marketing universe, using a cut down version of their database ported to the training machines. This enabled all analysts to practice creating more complex queries during the workshops, and ensured each trainee gained benefits experimenting with the data even where their past experience with the tool meant they completed the exercise more quickly than some others.

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