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One of the biggest marketing challenges faced is not only reaching out to new customers but also keeping the existing customer base intact. Customers have to be kept engaged by reaching out to them, to increase their interaction and life-time value.

Prima is your answer to achieve business process efficiency in Customer Loyalty Management. Prima allows you to define Loyalty Programs at multiple levels like customer and products, so that you can tailor the programs to reward your loyal customers. Transfer of points across products will help your customer take advantage of specific redemption offers.

  • Provides an Enterprise-wide, multi country and multi-currency Online rewards accrual and redemption system
  • Supports all banking products and all types of credit cards ( co-branded credit cards, consumer cards, corporate cards and dual currency credit cards)
  • Flexible, innovative reward points program management : Transaction, Balances, Event based accrual programs for both financial and non financial transactions
  • Provide a "What-If" analysis or Simulation programs, the programs may be executed on live data as well as back dated information
  • Business process improvement through an automated multi-channel redemption workflow

Prima's Accrual Engine allows you to define multiple accrual programs that may be transaction based with multiple spend tiers; balance based or based on special event triggers. The redemption module provides for an automated workflow and an extensive redemption program with multiple marketing partners. The reporting module has pre-built MIS that allows you to track the success of each program.